Friday, January 8, 2010

I hate yesterday!

Erm… Yesterday I was so down, but I think nobody realize it! Damn, I don’t need others sympathizes. I've never been perfect even I always trying to make my every single day perfect! The fact is we're never been perfect! I’ try to forget all the hurt inside my heart. Realize that not everything I have done well.

My heart is strong today. (I wish!) There should be no more stress. Just for my family sake, I will take time to think before I make mistakes. Abah will hurt if I’m still who I was yesterday. I need to change. And I’m trying to change myself to be a better person.

I'm sorry for not being a perfect me. I will try to live on my own. The new me will be alright and I will never been scared. I love you, abah. Thanks for the support. This is my first step to begin with.

Good luck Anaqi-chan!

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