Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Selasa; 20 JD

JD is Job Description(s)
  1. Designing and maintaining Library’s Portal (in progress)
  2. Maintaining institutional repository (in progress with Programmer)
  3. Maintaining User Profile System (internal system used by librarian only)
  4. Updating my FB status when I pissed off
  5. Maintaining library system (more on solving problem)
  6. Reading online manga whenever I get stress
  7. Cyber Café operation (To make available IT services to other divisions in the library)
  8. Ensure that media equipment are in good, functional condition and up-to-date
  9. Digitize past year exam question
  10. Designing library poster (activities, facilities, festive)
  11. Updating blog, blog walking when I need the ideas (design portal,poster etc.) 
  12. In charge in Google Talk account (new service by library)
  13. Designing festive wishes
  14. Shelve check (every morning)
  15. Writing book summary (Liaison Librarian)
  16. Library Literacy (User Education Program)
  17. Duty at Reference Desk
  18. Participate in stock taking/inventory
  19. Ensure that all objectives, services, tasks are in-line with the vision, mission, educational objectives and goals of the university
  20. Ensure that the ‘Beyond Expectation” elements are being practiced as agreed

(image from mr.google)

At the end of month I get my payment. Not a really high pay but at least I can settle my car installment, my house rent and my hand phone bill.

Now, would you please tell me dear...
Are you get envy jealous because my easy lovely relaxing task?



wenkhadi said...

banyak gile task...agak bz jugak la

Anaqi Hawwari said...

emmm.. tu pon ada je org jeles. ye lah, keje org lg bnyk.hahaha..