Monday, November 23, 2009

Shhh… Don’t tell others.

First at all, I want to apologize because this post might hurt others’ feeling. Like I care, huh? Hahaha… I might be rude for all this time, but this is me. So what? Okay, straight to the point, this post is about my feeling, the way I felt about this guy. First at all, I don’t really mind about this guy. But now I feel irritated and annoyed when he’s around. Honestly, he is bigheaded, annoying and a big liar. I really don’t like him--- in other words: I HATE him so much.

He is a ‘burglar’ too. Yes, he was been caught once by the officemate but they just kept it silent. (Ops, it just spilt out!). As a Muslim, I also know he does not pray. Yup, actually it is up to him, it is the way of his life but I think that’s why he turns like that. First he is liar, second he is thief. “Bercakap bohong, lama-lama mencuri.” Somehow I feel sympathy to him…* sigh…

Lately, I think he want to flirt with me. I’m not stupid to recognize his feeling to me. Eee… Yuks! Can’t he see the different between us? (Ops… again… Sorry!). Well, I’m not telling that I’m good, but at least I’m better compare to him! I really feel irritated about it. The way he looks at me, the way he smiles to me and the way he talk to me… Ugh... I feel like to throw up… He also keeps saying that I’m “manis” and such words. S*ck… I really feel like I want to slap him. Not only because of his words but also everything about him.

Whenever I saw him, I just ignore him because I am worried that I will say the horrid words to him. F**k off, damn you, g*d damn you, sh*t, smelly a*s, *tut*, etc. And also when he is around I just remain quiet so those words does not blurt out. I think it is better to ignore him! I just can’t stand around him. I really feel disgusting when I think about him. Sorrowfully, I do not know why I have this feeling? I hope this brat will realize my feeling and stay away from my sight.


I guess I don’t need to apologetic with my feeling. And I think there is nothing wrong with my words because he deserve it. Wow, now I feel relief! Thanks, blog!

~Shhh… Don’t tell others end…

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